• Tips for Affordable Business Catering

    VIPs usually grace most high-end business events in the business world, such as well-known entrepreneurs and CEOs. Notably, guests of such calibre demand perfection since most have travelled the world and have specific service delivery standards. Therefore, catering services must be top-notch and professional to satisfy the cohort's taste. Most people think that business catering must be expensive to meet the expectations of guests. However, it is not true because business catering is affordable with proper management of expenses.
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  • 3 Ingenious Ways to Use Plastic Water Bottles in Food Preparation

    In most households, used water bottles are a nuisance and are usually disposed of in garbage bins. While it is not a bad thing since water bottles end up in recycling plants, you should think about reusing them in your kitchen. This article explores ingenious but straightforward ways of reusing water bottles in the kitchen.  Portioning Spaghetti Servings  In 2019, Spaghetti Bolognese was voted the most popular recipe in Australia—probably because it's often easy to prepare in under a few minutes.
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