Tips for Affordable Business Catering

Posted on: 23 March 2021

VIPs usually grace most high-end business events in the business world, such as well-known entrepreneurs and CEOs. Notably, guests of such calibre demand perfection since most have travelled the world and have specific service delivery standards. Therefore, catering services must be top-notch and professional to satisfy the cohort's taste. Most people think that business catering must be expensive to meet the expectations of guests. However, it is not true because business catering is affordable with proper management of expenses. This article highlights tips for making business catering affordable.

Cost-Effective Menu Options 

Food is the most expensive item in any event. Therefore, the total costs reduce significantly if you keep the cost of food to a minimum without compromising quality. Typically, catering costs often consider ingredients used and a caterer's time and effort. Therefore, organisers must carefully choose what goes on a menu to save costs. For instance, Italian cuisines use a limited number of ingredients compared to Mediterranean menus, which use many ingredients. In this case, you should choose Italian cuisine because it is cost-effective and enjoyed by most people. Similarly, catering services charge a premium for complicated foods, which require skill and time to prepare. Most importantly, choosing simple foods such as pasta saves you hundreds of dollars.

Go for Buffet-Style Service 

Events that use table service require staff to deliver food to guests, but servings are usually the same. Most people do not know it, but the two factors make table service very expensive for a business event. Notably, waiters and waitresses must be paid. Similarly, serving guests the same portions can be wasteful because some patrons might not clear their plates. Buffet-style service is the preferred option by most businesses because guests only serve what they want and in sizeable portions. It significantly reduces food wastage and the number of staff required.

Order What You Need 

The amount of food prepared for a business event depends on the number of attendees. Unfortunately, most businesses prefer to order more food for fear of getting caught short in the food department. It is understandable because no CEO wants their event to be the talk of the town for starving respected members of the local business community. Sadly, the approach is costly because some food goes to waste. Therefore, talk to your caterer at length about quantity estimations. An experienced caterer will accurately estimate the quantity of food required based on the number of expected attendees. It prevents food wastage and saves costs.

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