3 Ingenious Ways to Use Plastic Water Bottles in Food Preparation

Posted on: 27 January 2021

In most households, used water bottles are a nuisance and are usually disposed of in garbage bins. While it is not a bad thing since water bottles end up in recycling plants, you should think about reusing them in your kitchen. This article explores ingenious but straightforward ways of reusing water bottles in the kitchen. 

Portioning Spaghetti Servings 

In 2019, Spaghetti Bolognese was voted the most popular recipe in Australia—probably because it's often easy to prepare in under a few minutes. However, getting the right portion per serving is a problem most people encounter when preparing spaghetti recipes. If you do not have the right measuring tools, it is easy to cook too much or too little food, depending on the number of people being served. However, you do not have to worry since a water bottle can do the trick—the opening fits enough uncooked spaghetti for a single serving. Therefore, if you want to prepare spaghetti for six people, use a water bottle opening to measure six times. 

Dough Cutters

Making snacks, such as biscuits and doughnuts at home can be a lot of fun, especially if you involve children. However, making the snacks in uniform shape is not fun at all. Ideally, most people want to experiment and add a little bit of artistry in their biscuits and doughnuts, and what better way to achieve different shapes than with water bottles. Although you can find cookie cutters of different shapes in the nearest store, used water bottles can help you save money. Simply cut a water bottle into half then trim the edges into whatever shape you like. If you have different water bottles, you can create dough cutters of different sizes and prepare snacks with various designs.   

Grain/Flour Scoop

Buying grains and flour in bulk is arguably the best thing you can do if you are a cooking enthusiast. Buying in bulk saves money and reduces your monthly trips to the store to replenish supplies. That said, transferring cereals and flour from sacks to kitchen containers can get messy if you do not have a scoop. While you can buy a scoop for the task, it is easy to transform used water bottles into scoops. Cut a water bottle in the shape of a scoop, and you are good to go. The best thing is that you can make several scoops from the many water bottles you have for different flours and cereals. 

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