Can hiring a catering company make your wedding food stand out from the crowd?

Posted on: 4 March 2020

Venue and destination weddings are increasingly popular, meaning that more and more couples are hiring caterers for their wedding rather than simply relying on the kitchen team at their reception hotel. This is giving couples more choice and flexibility than ever before in how their wedding is catered — catering companies tend to be able to offer a wider range of menu options than established hotel kitchens, and you can seek out a company with a specific specialty that interests you, such as vegan food, Sri Lankan cuisine or a buffet spread designed to have an LGBTQ+ aesthetic. If you want your wedding food to stand out, a catering company is the way to go, and here are some ideas that showcase why that is.

Take your guests back in time with a historical wedding banquet.

All over the country, museums, stately homes and sites of historical interest are opening their doors to wedding parties, so why not take some inspiration from your venue's rich past? If you're tying the knot in a beautiful 19th-century manor house, for example, your menu can be Victorian, too — a delicate Julienne soup, perhaps, followed by fricandeau of veal and rich brandy gravy. Top it all off with a stunning meringue concoction dressed up with "exotic" cherries, berries and summer fruits.

Colour-code your wedding buffet to match the ring, the dress and the decor.

Colour-themed weddings are more popular than ever, and it's easy for a good catering company to keep these hues in mind when designing a stunning buffet spread. If you're going with ivory and emerald, for example, you could have a stunning geode cake as your centrepiece that is set off by jewelled kiwifruit salads and rice or potato dishes studded with fresh steamed vegetables. The decor of your buffet table is as vital here as the food itself, and many catering companies will work with you on your design as well as your menu.

Showcase your family history with a fusion feast designed by artists.

If you and your intended have different cultural heritages, there's a whole world of fusion cuisine out there waiting to be explored. A couple of Italian and Indian descent, for example, might have a vast wealth of options available to them: a tapas feast featuring baida roti with mozzarella and Sfogliatella samosas or a rich pasta dish with a creamy garam masala sauce. No matter how different your family's foods might seem, a good caterer will be able to combine the two into something truly delicious that also represents the blending of your families in marriage.

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